TriplayCash is the new security crypto asset designed to invest money in a common pool with the expectation of profit from the performance of a proven sports betting investment system: Triplay System.

The crypto asset

TriplayCash security token was issued on December 12, 2018. 100% mined over Waves' Blockchain (the carrier blockchain, based on improved bitcoin technology) with a maximun supply limited to 250,000 non divisible units.

Stable & growing asset

TriplayCash is a crypto asset designed to minimize the effects of price volatility being totally backed in United States Dollars.

By investing backing funds into the proven Triplay System, holders will gain long term profits.

Ensured Liquidity

Liquidity to get US Dollars in exchange of TriplayCash is ensured thanks to quarterly buyback that provide capital return plus accumulated profits translated to the price of TriplayCash.

Holders can trade TriplayCash on Waves' Decentralized Exchange anytime, also.

Triplay System Performance

Triplay System had been accumulating over 1300% with net profits since its start in 2017 until now.

TriplayCash value is linked to the performance of Triplay System. Today your the perfect time to start investing in TriplayCash:

Get your TriplayCash

TriplayCash is available in non divisible units. You can buy 1, 2, 3... n TriplayCash integer units (fractions/decimals are not available). You can buy TriplayCash by Neteller at Buyback Value or at Waves' Decentralized Exchange (Waves DEX):

Performance report will be available once closed the starting Triplay Round for this contract.

Get TriplayCash from issuer

Step 1: Go to your Neteller wallet and transfer 0.00 USD per TriplayCash unit you want to receive, to the Neteller user [email protected] (account number 456723456287).

Warning: Sending any non multiple of 0.00 USD amount to the above address may result in the loss of a fraction of your deposit. If you will send less than the minimum amount established, you will lose that money.

Step 2: Once your transfer in USD is confirmed by your Neteller wallet, notify your purchase by filing the Purchase Form to receive your new TriplayCash tokens. Not reported transfers will be taken as anonimous donation. A beneficiary Waves' wallet address is required to receive your TriplayCash security tokens.

Get TriplayCash on Waves DEX

TriplayCash is available to purchase in United States Dollar (USD) only, because it is totally backed in USD.

If you hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash, Monero... you can exchange them to USD on Waves DEX and then purchase the pair TriplayCash/USD.

On quarterly buyback you will receive USD from issuer at Waves DEX. Next, you can exchange USD to your preferred crypto currency at Waves DEX or withdraw to your bank account.

Purchasing Form:


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