Holding your Triplays

To store, receive and send your Triplay coins quickly and safely is a must, therefore, say hello to Waves Platform:


Triplay Ltd works daily to expand the offerings of Triplay cryptocurrency, from new mobile wallets to exchanges and world class markets. In the meanwhile, Waves Platform provides safe and quick multiple-currency wallet to hold, receive and send your Triplay coins.

Web wallet

Waves Web Client wallet is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Just go to wavesplatform.com to create and access your wallet to receive, hold, send and trade your Triplay coins.

Waves Wallet Tutorial

Follow this tutorial to create a Waves Platform Wallet where to receive and hold your Triplay tokens.


Waves is a platform with decentralized exchange where you can receive your first Triplay tokens and trade cryptocurrencies. Triplay tokens are 100% mined on the Waves' Blockchain.

Triplay tokens was created within Waves' Blockchain for several reasons, primarly: safety, higher speed transactions, easy to use, decentralized exchange include and low cost per transaction.

This tutorial is a step-by-step guide to create your new wallet on Waves' Blockchain. You need it to receive your first Triplay tokens and hold them on the most secured place.


Use your preferred Internet browser to enter https://wavesplatform.com. Then, select Online Client version.


Once you select Online Cient, click on "Create New Account" will access the follow screen:

Choose an avatar (a sort of distinctive profile image, system generated) which will be the perpetual distinctive imag for your new wallet.

Enter your Password. Enter a secret keyword with 8 or more characters, with letters, number and one special character (for example: .,*,#,_,-) as least. Enter again your Password on next field to confirm and click on Continue.


You have the option to skip this step, but we do suggest to create the Backup inmediately. Take care to save your backup SEED or recovery phrase (a list of aleatory words, system generated) on a safe place.

The SEED or recovery phrase will be required each time you try to access your wallet from another computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone, or your IP is switched to a new one. Keep your SEED noted on a safe place!

Only your Password will be required while you access with the same device from the same IP. If you try to connect from another IP or device, the system will ask you for your SEED to access your wallet.

Click BACK UP NOW button to create your Backup.

Once clicked BACK UP NOW, read and follow the warning from the system about the safety use of your SEED. The recommendation is to note it on a safe place where you can recover it and no other person can access it.

Once noted your 15 secret words in the same order as screened by the system, follow the confirmation procedure by click on I'VE WRITTEN IT DOWN button and follow the next instructions to Confirm your Backup.

Select each one of the 15 words in the same order as presented on the previous screen.

In case of an error, click on GO BACK to repeat the procedure.


Click on CONFIRM to complete the Backup. Your new account will be created.

Read the warnings and click the boxes to start using your new wallet:

Once agreed with the warnings, click CONFIRM AND BEGIN.


Once your wallet is open, the first think to do is to know your Wallet Address.

On main screen you will see your initial portfolio with the cryptocurrencies pinned (Waves, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash) and fiat currencies (USD, EUR).

To receive your first Triplay tokens, you shall provide your Waves Wallet Address. Click on " Your Address" button located on the upper left side of your screen.

Once you click " Your Address" button, "Share your address" screen will disclose your Waves Wallet Addres both in alphanumeric and QR code. As you can see on the following example.

Pay attention to the button. Click on such button to copy your Waves Wallet Address to the clipboard of your device.

Now you can share with us your Waves Wallet Addres to claim your first Triplay tokens!



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