Blockchain Lottery

Developed by Triplay Ltd (Belize), Triplay Lottery aims to bring equity, responsibility, transparency, privacy and ease of use to the online lottery with the support of blockchain technology.

The Lottery

Triplay Lottery is a new lottery brand based on blockchain technology. The lottery is designed to be very simple from the point of view of the player, while solving the problem of withdrawals of money, commonly faced by the online gambling community. As a blockchain application, all Triplay Lottery transactions are traceable and can be fully automated.

Triplay crypto currency

The Triplay Lottery is driven by Triplay (TPY), a cryptocurrency launched in December 2017. People will buy the lottery with Triplay tokens. Based on the total number of tickets purchased, the resulting lottery jackpot will be paid to the winning ticket holder in the same crypto currency. The winners will receive the prize directly in their Triplay Wallet from which they purchased the tickets. Currently limited to Triplay, the platform will soon include payment options in BTC and ETH as well.


Anyone can access the carrier blockchain to find information about the transactions (ticket purchases and payment of prizes), which makes it completely transparent and direct between players and the lottery operator.


Triplay Lottery also offers a degree of anonymity to the users. Those buying the Triplay Lottery tickets can do so without having to leave their contact information. The use of blockchain technology and Triplay crypto currency automates the whole process, eliminating the need to gather buyers' contact details.

Get your Triplays

Support Triplay Ltd today from a minimun transfer in United States Dollar via PayPal and Neteller. You can also transfer in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Nem, Monero and Waves cryptocurrencies.

Rewards to backers

Triplay Ltd will share a total amount of 20K Triplays with backers on this token sale, in two ways:

10K lottery prizes
Three backers will be randomly selected to be rewarded: first winner will receive a prize of 5,000.00 triplays, second winner will be rewarded with 3,000.00 Triplays and third winner will be the owner of 2,000.00 Triplays more.

Proportional air drop
A total amount of 10,000.00 Triplays will be proportionally distributed between backers of this token sale.

The selection of winners and proportional distribution will be executed once officially announced the final of this token sale.

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