Triplay Leasing

If you want to be a true investor but do not have the background and experience in passive income generation you need, there are good news for you: you can lease your cryptocurrencies and fiat money to earn tax free passive income with near to zero-effort on your part.

By leasing with us, you have the opportunity to make grow stronger and safer while receiving more assets as a reward for doing so. It's the so called "Triplay Leasing".

What to lease

Crypto currencies:

Start lease Triplay, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Nem, Zcash and Monero cryptocurrencies.

Fiat money

Leasing in United States Dollar, Euro and British Pound is also available.

What will you receive

You will make money doing nothing, in a variable profit in the same currency you lease once the leasing period expires.

If you are interested in establishing a flow of passive income, Triplay Leasing is the way to getting started.

What do we invest in?

Leased money is invested in our famous "Triplay System" which have been pleased people from more than 14 countries.

Triplay System is a complete investment system by itself, performed strictly by our money manager and with a growing community of customers around the world since 2016.

Money Management

Leased money is professionally holded and managed by Triplay Ltd, a company incoporated under the laws of Belize.

Triplay Ltd uses world class betting exchanges and digital wallets to let your money grow with safety and privacy.

Risk Management

Passive incomes are generated without having to concern yourself with choosing exchanges, managing your money, or knowing how to invest on sports betting tips. All that will be handled by the fund manager of Triplay Ltd.

Triplay Leasing applies 5% of Triplay System's stake as part of risk management policy, in order to procure lower risk and consistent long-term profits to you.

Leasing Period

Triplay Leasing contracts have a duration (named leasing period) of three month, renewable. You can close your contract prior the completion of the leasing period; in this case an early closing fee equivalent to 15% of the contract value will be applied.

User Account

As Triplay Lessor you will be enrolled to a personal all-in-one user account on to access the performance report of your contract.

Start now:

All you have to do is decide that you want to participate from a minimum of 250 USD/EUR/GBP or its quivalent in cryptocurrency, then transfer money and sit back and relax. Your money will then be on automatic pilot.

Step 1: Select the currency to lease:

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