Triplay Investment Funds

A total of 11 Triplay Investment Funds are available to invest from your preferences between U.S. Dollar or Euro fiat currencies and upto 9 cryptocurrencies: Triplay coin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Nem, Zcash and Monero.

Each Triplay Investment Fund will be invested by following a proven strategy based on our famous sports betting investment system (Triplay System) to provide you with a professional money management for long-term wealth generation.


There are 11 Triplay Investment Funds available: one fund nomitated per each fiat currency or cryptocurrency, being United States Dollar and Euro the available nominations on fiat currencies and being Triplay, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Nem, Zcash and Monero the available nominations on cryptocurrencies.

What do we invest in?

Each fund is invested into sports betting, being our famous Sports Betting Investment System "Triplay System" both the strategy and the betting tips source followed by the fund manager.

Triplay System is a complete investment system by itself performed strictly by the fund manager and with a growing community of customers since 2016.

Fund Management

Your money invested on Triplay Fund is professionally holded and managed by Triplay Ltd, a company incoporated under the laws of Belize.

Triplay Ltd uses world class payment processors, wallets and betting exchanges to let your money grow with safety and privacy.

Risk management

Triplay Funds Manager applies Triplay System's stake by 1/10 as part of risk management policy, in order to procure consistent long-term profits of each fund.

Contract Duration

Each Triplay Fund contract has a duration of one year, renewable year by year. Closing a contract after the third month or prior the completion of the yearly period will incur on early closing fee equivalent to 15% of the contract value at the date of the closing request.

User Account

Triplay Fund customers will be enrolled to their personal all-in-one user accounts on to access the information regarding their contracts and its operations.

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