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Asset info

Triplay was issued on December 8, 2017, 100% mined over a carrier blockchain based on improved bitcoin technology with a maximun supply limited to 250 millions and not reissuable. Each Triplay unit is divisible in up to eight decimal points.

Higher speed, enhanced security and cheaper transactions summarize the advantages of Triplay over older cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum.


Developed with massive adoption in mind from starting, Triplay will be a smart selection on popular markets like sports betting, personal financials,trading, remittances and peer to peer payments.

Being Triplay 100% mined, you can lease your Triplays or place them on investment fund as more redituable and environment friendly alternatives than cryptocurrencies mining.


The market development for Triplay started on 2016, with the launch of a sports betting investment system (aka Triplay System) developed by its founder Mr Jose Giammanco -graduated in Electronic & Computing Engineering (1999) with over 18 years experience in Automation, Financial Markets, Money Management and Sports Betting Investments.

Triplay Ltd, established since January 2018 under the laws of Belize and under direction of Mr Giammanco, is the corporation in charge of the development of applications suite for Triplay and the management of leasing and investment funds services for Triplay investors.


Carrier Blockchain Asset Name Issue Date
Waves Triplay 08.12.2017
Asset ID
Total Supply Reissuable
250,000,000.00000000 No

Coin Market Cap

Circulating Supply Price TRIPLAY/USD Coin Market Cap
10,282,228.00 Triplays1.00 USD10,282,228.00 USD

Circulating Supply Distribution

Private Holders Triplay Investment Fund Triplay Leasing
10,036,241.59 Triplays124,893.00 Triplays121,093.41 Triplays

Market Cap Distribution

Private Holders Triplay Investment Fund Triplay Leasing
10,036,241.59 USD124,893.00 USD121,093.41 USD

Advantages for you

Triplay Ltd is aimed to facilitate the massive adoption of Triplay, from its purchase with local money and holding it as a secure savings asset up to its adoption on gambling industry and on sophisticated instruments of investment.

With your early investment on Triplays, you get earlier the advantages of Triplay and by less money than future investors and adopters will pay for. While you back Triplay Ltd to speed up the development of applications for the soonest adoption of Triplay on so popular markets like sports betting, personal financials, trading and peer-to-peer payments.

Get your Triplays

Support Triplay Ltd today from a minimun transfer in United States Dollar via PayPal and Neteller (transfers shall be made in United States Dollar from PayPal and Neteller accounts nominated in Canadian Dollar, Mexican Peso, Brazilian Rial, Euro, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, Norwegian Krone, Danish Krone, Hungarian Forint, Polish Zloty, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Israeli New Shequel, Russian Ruble, Indian Rupee, Japanese Yen, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Taiwan New Dollar and Phillipine Peso).

You can also transfer in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Nem, Monero and Waves cryptocurrencies.

Rewards to backers

Triplay Ltd will share a total amount of 20K Triplays with backers on this token sale, in two ways:

10K lottery prizes
Three backers will be randomly selected to be rewarded: first winner will receive a prize of 5,000.00 triplays, second winner will be rewarded with 3,000.00 Triplays and third winner will be the owner of 2,000.00 Triplays more.

Proportional air drop
A total amount of 10,000.00 Triplays will be proportionally distributed between backers of this token sale.

The selection of winners and proportional distribution will be executed once officially announced the final of this token sale.

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